Lost In Time Vintage Scuba Tank Decals

Aqua-Lung - Healthways

The 1958 Aqua-Lung

The long lost in time and memory 1958 Aqua-Lung Vintage Scuba Tank Decal is the only Diorama (action scene) decal that Aqua-Lung ever made to my knowledge. The only pictures that have been found of this vintage scuba tank decal are one in the March 1958 Skin Diver Magazine on page 2, and a second in an unknown magazine advertisement which shows Jacques Cousteau in the ad along with a tank outfit having the 1958 Aqua-Lung Decal on the tank. It is not believed that these decals made it into mass production but rather only a few were made and used for promotionals and distributed/displayed in some dive shops.

Below the Decal is displayed on small U.S.Divers Twin Tanks.

Here it is displayed on large U.S.Divers Twin Tanks.

Displayed mounted in a Bat Wing backpack (no tankbands, none required).

It is a large decal measuring 7.7/8 inches wide by 5.1/2 inches high.

Trademark 1943 Aqua-Lung / 1953 U S Divers Co           Design 1958 / Copyright 2008 CNPique  

Here is a Picture of the March 1958 Skin Diver Magazine page 2 showing the Decal.

And this is the Advertisement of U.S.Divers equipment also showing Jacques Cousteau in the ad and having a tank outfit with the 1958 Aqua-Lung decal on it.


The 1950's Aqua-Lung

Aqua-Lung was created by Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau in 1943 and was the the first Open-Circuit Scuba Equipment. In 1949 the Aqua-Lung was first imported to the US East Coast by Spaco Inc in Vermont, in 1950 ten Aqua-Lung sets were sent for West Coast distribution to Rene's Sporting Goods in California, and in 1953 U.S. Divers was the first company to manufacture the Aqua-Lung in the United States (there were 5 original diving-gear manufacturers in the United States: U.S. Divers, Healthways, Voit, Dacor, and Swimaster). Here is the 1950's Aqua-Lung Decal displayed on a small Tank.


The 1969 Aqua-Lung USD

Aqua-Lung was a Trademark of Air Liquide until the early 1960's. U.S. Divers manufactured the Aqua-Lung in the United States for about 20 years (1953 to 1973 with some equipment still available until inventories depleted around 1975). Aqua-Lung then became the Sporting Goods Division of Aqua Lung America while Air Liquide now supplies medical, electronic, and other industrial gases. 

Below the 1969 Aqua-Lung Decal is displayed on a small set of Twin Tanks.

Next it is displayed on the same Twin Tanks equipped with Double-Hose Regulator and a Quick-Change Aqua-Lung Backpack, ready to dive!


The 1960's Dacor

Dacor began distributing Scuba-Equipment in 1954. There was some confusion with the Dacor name propriety as a Northern California appliance store by that name had been in business since 1933. In 1965 Dacor Appliances became an official company and in 2003 the scuba-equipment Dacor merged with Mares. The Dacor Decals were very attractive. In 1960 their Swimming Diver Logo was done in a Black-On-Black Design which looks very nice on any color Tank.

Below is a 1960's Dacor Catalog showing the Dacor Manufacturing Company which was in Skokie IL.


The 1970's Dacor Diver

In the 1970's the Dacor Diver became White and a Yellow Outline was added to the Black Background.

Below is a 1969 Dacor Diving Equipment Guide showing the new Decal design.


Dacor Octopus

The Dacor Octopus Decal fast became popular with their Octopus representing Air-To-Share. Air-To-Share refers to an independent alternate air source which can be used by another diver who loses their own air supply (this is an alternative to the buddy-breathing system in which one regulator is passed between two divers). Below are both the 1970's Diver and the Octopus Decal on a Single Tank, you can see the Dacor Diver Black with Yellow Outline Logo is being held in the Octopus' front arms.

Below the Dacor Octopus Decal is shown on a small set of Twin Tanks.



The Demone is an Unusual and Rare Decal. The decal has the Demone Demon standing in the middle of their Unusual Demone Double-Hose Regulator with bulbbles coming out both sides. It came in several colors, there was a Red-On-White and there were also a Red Scripting and a Black Scripting which I believe were on clear backgrounds. In reproducing these I did not use a clear background but made several background colors (white, black, yellow, blue, and red) to match tank colors.

Demone Demon claimed to be the first hydrodynamically designed regulator and consisted of two slim hoses operating as a single-hose type enclosed by corrugated ones which gave the appearance of a double-hose. It had two second stages, one on each side, and was designed by Robert J Dempster and manufactured in Illinois between 1961 and 1965. Although it did not become popular in the US, it did find its niche in France.

Below is a Demone Manufacturing Company advertisement of their very unusual Double-Hose Regulator which shows the Red-On-White Decal in the lower corner.

Healthways Scuba

Healthways Scuba was founded by Dick Klein in about 1954. One of the original five US diving gear manufacturers, it was the first to Trademark the word Scuba as a noun (previously SCUBA was an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus used by the US Navy). Healthways ran into financial difficulties and was successfully reorganized as Scubapro in 1963 by Dick Bonin and Gustav Dallavalle.

The Healthways Scuba Decal is an Attention-Getter, a bright three-color decal in Black, Yellow and Whtie with Healthways scripted across a Bold H on one side and a Diver swimming into the S of the scripted Scuba on the other. Below it is shown on small Twin Tanks in the first picture, and on a large single in the second.


The next picture is of a Healthways Catalog showing a Spear-Fisherman Diver wearing their Equipment.