Alcedo Spearagun

1962 Alcedo Pneumatic Speargun with original spear shaft and extremely rare triple-barb speartip. This is near-like-new condition, and extremely rare in any condition. The Alcedo (which means KingFisher) was invented by Carlo Alinari and produced by L'Alcedo of Italy. In 1956 Industrial Designer Alinari received the Compasso d'Oro Award for his Atlantic Fishing Reel developed for L'Alcedo. He also invented depth and decompression measurement guages for which he received 5 US patents between 1976 and 1982, and a 6th patent obtained in 1993 for a speedboat propulsion system. Monsieur Alinari last resided in Lido Di Camaiore IT and Alcedo LTD, located in Mont Mascal Petit Raffray Mauritius, specializes in the manufacture of high-quality fishing equipment.



Aqua-King Speargun Handle

Healthways Aqua-King. Small but one of the rarest spearguns in the world. One of the very first Healthways Factory-Made Spearguns. Have only seen one sold in the last 6 years and a second in a museum. This one is Serial #18.

In December of 1957 Healthways added two new dry suits to their line of Skin Diving Suits, the Aqua-King was their high-end model (selling at that time for $42.50 with an alternate model, the Aqua Flite, selling for $29.95 and their original 1955 Carib model at $39.95). This model speargun was part of their 'new' Aqua-King line.

A Two-Hand Grip Speargun with a front-hand grip and a rear handle trigger grip. Very unique rubber sling with donuts at the front and returning back to a wire hook at the rear. The safety mechanish is a rotating bar with red knob (forward off, back on). Overall Length with Spear Shaft 31 inches.

AquaKing Speargun Full View



Dacor Stingray Speargun Slings

Dacor Stingray  

Dacor Stingray Speargun Handle

Dacor Stingray Speargun

This is an extra-long, heavy-duty speargun with an overall length from speartip to shoulder-butt end of 63-1/4 inches and a barrel diameter of 1-5/16 inches. Three slings and three-groove spear shaft with Arrow-Point tip. The rubber shoulder pad makes loading easy and it weighs in at 5 pounds.



Nemrod Crucero Speargun

Nemrod Crucero Aka Dreadnaught. Everything is there and Original, including the spear, shaft and reel. This Pneumatic speargun functions with a sliding piston in the barrel for power (no cartridge). When the rear Super-Compressor Handle is engaged it adds even more power (30%). A large speargun at 63", 74" with spear in and Super-Compressor un-cocked ie horizontal, the Crucero's effective range at 15-ft depth is stated to be 30-ft and the Crucero was Nemrod's Top Of The Line. The Original Brochure (pictured below) is 18-pages covering instructions, care, and schematics as well as a comparison specification chart for all four of Nemrod's spearguns of the time (the other three being the Fragata, Corbeta and Goleta). Nemrod's history can be found on the Diving Decals Page category N-S. 

Nemrod Speargun Specifications




A small French Speargun. The Original Bands on this one make it Extremely Rare. Most of those in museums either have broken or replacement bands. This is the only intact & complete Original I know of in the USA.

Hurricane Speargun Trigger        Hurricane Speargun Bands        Hurricane Speargun Trident

Hurricane Speargun



Nemrod Gaucho II Speargun

Gaucho II

Beautiful Speargun by Nemrod. Overall Length with spear loaded 39 inches. Rests against the shoulder and the spear goes all the way to the shoulder-butt where there is a locking mechanism for the shaft. Navy Blue barrel and double slings (one sling is shown in the picture). An unusual triangular sling guide at the top front embossed Nemrod. Looks like a space laser gun!

Nemrod Gaucho II Speargun Right Side     Nemrod Gaucho II Speargun Triangular Guide     Nemrod Gaucho II Speargun Left Side 



Healthways Competition Speargun Vertical

Healthways Competition

A Sleek No-Nonsense Speargun with a mid-handle trigger. The spear shaft goes all the way to the shoulder stock where it locks. Two Slings, Two Grooves. Solid Black with Silver Shaft and Arrow-Point Spear Tip.

Healthways Competition Speargun Horizontal



ScubaPro Mordem Speargun

ScubaPro Mordem

Navy Blue Barrel, Black Grip, and Chrome make this ScubaPro stand out. On the right side of the handgrip is imprinted STRALE ITALY and on the left MORDEM BREV. Large Cone-shaped Two-Prong Speartip. Overall length from loaded speartip to butt end 23-1/2 inches. A Gold Decal on the barrel is imprinted STRALE 59. Front of the barrel has a fishline rubber hook and the spear shaft has a slide which slides fully down the shaft and half into the barrel to perfectly center the shaft within the barrel tip. Well balanced and light in weight. Very Nice.

 ScubaPro Mordem Speargun Right Side     ScubaPro Mordem Speargun Decal     ScubaPro Mordem Speargun Left Side